Friday 9 March 2018

Meet and greet me

In less than one week's time I will be on the threshold of Eroticon 2018. My hairdresser is booked, I've finally found some boots that fit and a friend of mine who finds it very funny that she's worked out the buttons to my submissive side told me I should wear more red... spot me and see if I've resisted the programming. 


Last year was my first time out in public as being me. All of me, not just the "nice and acceptable for the school run" parts. I thought I would dissolve like a vampire in the daylight, or that, worse still, I might be called out for not being a blogger or writer as I only had a handful of scribblings under my belt. Instead, I ended up chatting to Rose and Fred among others, and feeling like a might just be in the right place. I still ended up talking about my kids over lunch with other people who equally alternated their conversation between their kids and the sex toy raffle prizes... as though this was the most natural thing in the world. It just felt great to be in like-minded company. 

Name (and Twitter if you have one)
Alethea Hunt…. Allie in person,  @aletheaalone on twitter.

What are you most looking forward to about Eroticon 2018?
Being with the tribe. It will be a bit daunting walking in on the Friday night, because I’m naturally anxious, but after last year I know you are a safe space and plausibly the most accepting group of people I’ve met. There is not a lot of time for the me that plays out at Eroticon in the rest of my life, this last six months virtually none at all, so I am looking forward to a reawakening. Not to mention meeting up with people I met last year…and having the nerve to start conversations with new people.
The talks look great. Free playtime at the end of Saturday a little terrifying. Hopefully by then I will have relaxed a little... if not, someone grab me and make me join in. 

We are creating a play list of songs for the Friday Night Meet and Greet. Nominate one song that you would like us to add to the play list and tell us why you picked that song
Some really good songs are already there… Bad things that @sexwithrose has picked is a favourite, Nick Cave’s voice strokes my skin into goose bumps and @_Masterseye has picked The Ship Song, which has me happily burning bridges…both lovely growling voices… Shit. This is a hard one. Music was how I realised perhaps the whole boys and girls story I’d grown up with was missing some of the potential. From Nights in White Satin (Moody Blues) (Ina Morata got that one) via Lay Lady Lay (Dylan) through to seeing Brian Molko (Placebo) in a dress and eyeliner and thinking “wow”… mainly because “fuck me” wasn’t in my vocabulary yet. Still thinking…

…the entire soundtrack of my 1980s would have pounded through the speakers at Heaven… not that I had any idea of the themes behind the songs...just the energy and excitement.

…Ballad of Barry and Freda by Victoria Wood? First time I remember it being acknowledged that women had an interest in sex beyond finding a man and having children with him. And that sex could be fun. 

What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?
Don’t think I ever really dreamed like that. Maybe my ambition was never to go to work? I think I realised I liked making people happy, so generally I went along with what people suggested for me. However, my mum quotes my first infant school teacher as saying word to the effect of “If you want something doing, ask someone else. If you want a book writing about it, ask Allie,” I guess writing about stuff might always have been on the cards. I think I wanted to make the world a better place but was never sure how to do it.

Weirdest place you’ve ever gotten up to mischief (define ‘mischief’ however you like…)
My first kiss was topless in the woods at a local music festival…various escapades in muddy fields followed as I was a scout and so a muddy field was the usual parent free venue. A camper van… loved that as then we could have a cup of tea afterwards…loads of occasions in the open air, but nothing really weird in terms of places… my sister’s bedroom on a visit to her at Uni… but that was only weird the next morning when mum brought up cups of tea and there were three of us in the bed. It was ok though… she went back down and got one for Ed...
When I was young I didn’t consider myself adventurous… but when I look back, I didn’t do too badly. Then the kids came along and the biggest game for myself and the lovely Mr is trying to have sex in silence. Or without falling asleep.

Tell us two truths and a lie about yourself
Bloody Hell, this is hard…
I have three cats, Dow, Fritz and Mouse.
I am autistic and lying freaks me out.
I’ve eaten chips and cheese with Jay Kay from Jamiroquai

Complete the sentence: I want…

…my kids to grow up in a society where we don’t define people by things we shouldn’t be and can’t be but by an acceptance that, whilst respecting others’ bodies and freedoms, we should be free to shape our own story without guilt or shame about our roots, our sexualities, our gender(s) or our desires. 


  1. I am totally with you on your ' I want...' I want that for my kids too and for everyone because that is surely the key to happiness.

    Really looking forward to seeing you again and I hope it inspires more writing from you as I love your short stories here on your blog


  2. Love your meet and greet! Freda and Barry song was my caberet piece as an 18 yr old! And completely and utterly agree with your I want statement. Looking forward to saying hello. (I’ll try not to talk about my kids too!)
    Missy x