Sunday 5 March 2017

Leaving Eroticon

First conference. First time crawling from my secret writing space and cosy self published haven into a world of other authors. And they were glorious: welcoming, warm, open, diverse, funny and suddenly my writing was not a dirty little secret whispered to close friends and people who didn't matter but a normal living and breathing, flesh and blood life. My kinks and turn-ons normalised by acceptance. My normal life accepted too, as day jobs and families didn't always hide behind the handles and sometimes implausible pseudonyms we wore on our tags. And the respect....well possibly not if you were EL James in disguise...but for anonymity and the choices/not choices which define who we are. I have notes that tell me to give voice to experiences only in my head, to limit my self censorship and to embrace the diverse, but  it was good to know my inner kinky self with its complete lack of definitions was also a voice I could share and not be afraid of getting it wrong. Thank you Eroticon, the fabulous organisers, Molly, Michael and Girl on the Net; speakerssponsors including  GodemicheRuby Glow and Ceramic Pleasures who have all become features on my birthday list and the fantastic people who all contributed to making it what I'd hoped it would be and just so much more.

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