Sunday, 15 April 2018

SInful Sunday...Night Out

Sinful Sunday
A rare moment. 

A hotel room. A few hours of utter quiet. Clutter-free. 
Just us, some rope and a pristine white bed to be mussed. 
Oh.. and a party where we were asked to come dressed as ourselves... the parts we don't show to the casual observer. 

I did wear more than this. I wore electric blue rope and for the first time in public, I wore my collar. 

Probably more on that later... but for now, just the image. 

Then click on the kiss to find out who else has been being sinful this week...


  1. What a lovely image and story. :)

  2. Such a fab picture and your accompanying words make it even more so :)

  3. All of it is just gorgeous ;-)